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Do you lead a blended family support group? Create a group account and invite group members to join blending.love to centralize family maps and help facilitate group conversations and activities.

How It Works

  1. Sign Up for an Advisor Account

    Create an advisor account at a discounted rate (two accounts for $15) — use one account to map your blended family or invite two group members.

  2. Invite

    Send automated emails to group members to invite them to join. Advisors can elect to use prepaid codes or have individual members join at a discounted rate.

  3. Connect & Discuss

    Review and print members’ blended family maps. Let members share their blended family map with other group members. It’s a great way to get members connecting.


Advisor Account

Create an advisor account, invite your group members to join blending.love, and centralize their individual family maps in one location to help facilitate conversations and group activities.

Discounted individual family accounts for your group members

Centralized access to group members’ family maps (genograms)

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